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Naughty LA Day Tours

 Naughty LA Day Tours | Naughty LA

Prostitution Boulevard

7200-7800 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood

Located on Sunset Boulevard between Fairfax and La Brea, this is Hollywood's red light district.

Hugh Grant became even more famous for his midnight romp on these streets.

Don't get in trouble here. You don't wan to ruin your naughty vacation, but you can still see what's on the menu without buying.

 Naughty LA Day Tours | Naughty LA

Hollywood Museum

1660 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood


Set in the massive, Art Deco structure of the old Max Factor Building, the Hollywood Museum has four floors and over 35,000 square feet of exhibits.

You can see vintage makeup products from famous Hollywood starlets, costumes from an amazing amount of movies, classic cars and creepy stuff from horror films in the basement.

Once a year they exhibit an amazing Marilyn Monroe display that contains over 200 items, including dresses, movie costumes and stunning photographs.

 Naughty LA Day Tours | Naughty LA

Chateau Marmont

8221 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood


The "castle on the hill" hotel is famous for the Hollywood trysts that have taken place there. It is the place to have a secret rendezvous.

The staff prides itself on the privacy of the guests and the hotel is built to keep your dealings-- business or pleasure-- secret.

You can get inside to take a look around by booking dinner reservations or one of their many rooms, suites or bungalows.

Or maybe you'll' get lucky and be brought to the hotel to take place in a Hollywood tryst of your own.

 Naughty LA Day Tours | Naughty LA

Hustler Hollywood Store

8920 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood


This "Barnes and Noble of porn" (as we locals often call it) is located on Sunset Boulevard.

They have their own "walk of fame" with porn-star names such as Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy and the late, great Marilyn Chambers.

They also have a nice cafe and free underground parking. The staff is helpful and the place is clean and tasteful.

You can find everything here, from naughty coffee mugs to high-end vibrators.

 Naughty LA Day Tours | Naughty LA

The Body Shop

8250 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood


The Body Shop achieved world fame in the 1980s when it was used as a location for "Girls, Girls, Girls," Motley Crue's metal love song about strip clubs.

Motely Crue named the Body Shop as one of their favorite strip clubs in the 1987 hit song.

A lot of movie stars and musicians have been here to either get or give a lap dance.

Courtney Love was one of the many women trying to break in to showbiz who worked there.

It's rumored that Demi Moore trained there for her role in Striptease. In its early years the featured performers were big-time burlesque acts such as Betty Rowland and the legendary Lili St. Cyr.

It was recently remodeled after a fire and features a lot of lovely, all-natural girls.

 Naughty LA Day Tours | Naughty LA

Tiki Theater

5462 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood

This is the last stage theatre in L.A. to show only straight porn. It's a small place, and actually still has a turnstile in the entrance.

Admission is cheap, but be prepared for a a lot of guys who may not be content with keeping their hands to themselves.

Then again, if that sounds like a good time, this might make for an interesting night. It's under new ownership and a lot of the old seats have been replaced with better ones.

This place may not be your cup of tea, but it's part of L.A's naughty history and worth a visit as nudie theaters are on their way out in this city.

 Naughty LA Day Tours | Naughty LA

Studs Theatre

7734 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

Studs is the last theatre of its kind, making it a must- see as it may not be here forever. It's an old stag theatre across the street from the Pleasure Chest adult toy store.

The Pussycat Theaters were upscale porn theaters known for their nice interiors and their famous cat-girl logo.

But now it mostly shows gay porn with only one room dedicated to straight porn.

They were among the first theaters to show Deep Throat. The first Pussycat Theater opened its door in March 1966 ib 444 South Hill Street in downtown L.A.

Sadly, it's no longer there. By 2001 all the theaters were lost except this one. Today, the last Pussycat Theatre, renamed "Studs," is owned and run by Jonathan Cota--lover to the late George Tate, who was one of the two original owners of the Pussycat Theater chain.

Studs has the handprints of famous porn stars out front. You need to get out on foot or you may miss this. John Holmes cemented his hand and footprints there on February 7, 1985.

Other porn stars immortalized here are Harry Reems, Jay Lawerence, Linda Lovelace, Marilyn Chambers, Eric Edwards, Kay Parker and Georgina Spelvin.



~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA