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LA French Bars

 LA French Bars | Naughty LA

Pour Vous

5574 Melrose Ave.


Dark candlelit coves, exposed brick walls and glimmering chandeliers of soft amber evoke elegance, mystery and seduction at this jazz-era, Parisian style salon on Melrose.

In the heart of the lounge sits a fabulous fireplace with circular, cafe seating surrounding it, creating an inviting space of ornate intimacy.

As the evening progresses, burlesque dancers put on a sultry yet classy show every hour, as eclectic and stylish cocktails flow endlessly from the bar’s expert mixologists.

Pour Vous is perfect for after dinner drinks with a date or a larger group of friends for a very special evening.

 LA French Bars | Naughty LA

Bar Chloe

1449 Second Street


Located in Santa Monica, Bar Chloe is a glamorous and intimate hideaway just steps away from the beach.

With its pre-war, Parisian opulence and cultivated atmosphere, this low key lounge is perfect for a date or simply catching up with friends.

Beneath opulent crystal chandeliers at a beautiful marble bar, mixologists craft unique cocktails to compliment the excellent menu of French bistro fare for a quick, pre-dinner treat.

Bar Chloe is pure sexy sophistication and class in an enchanting, romantic lounge that sits neatly on the western edge of the sea.

 LA French Bars | Naughty LA

Riviera 31

8555 Beverly Blvd.


Within the cosmopolitan Sofitel Luxury Hotel, Riviera 31 imagines an atmosphere of thought provoking style and vibrant color by invoking the iconic imagery of the French Riviera.

The room unfolds with a color scheme of deep reds and black and white stripes with the photography of the legendary Edward Quinn displayed across its walls.

Personalized, table-side cocktail preparations are a fascinating and delectable treat along with the communal plates of mouth watering French Coastal cuisine.

Riviera 31 is fantastic date destination for those looking to amplify their evening with a bit of classic French excellence.

 LA French Bars | Naughty LA

Dirty Laundry

1725 N. Hudson Ave.


Secret passwords, a hidden staircase and an underground lair of French inspired, dirty chic, prohibition-era magic frame the experience at Dirty Laundry.

It’s rumored that Rudolph Valentino once drank here in the 1920s at this historic locale.

This is a fabulous little escape for a hot date with its air of mystery and adventurous, naughty fun and the drink menu offers a variety of the old classics reimagined with bold, fresh and innovative twists. Dirty Laundry is easily one of the sexiest bars in Hollywood.

  LA French Bars | Naughty LA

Bar Noir

140 Lasky Drive


Bar Noir is a deliciously cozy, hidden gem tucked away in the stylish Maison 140 boutique hotel.

Designed to be suggestive of the intimate salons of Paris, Bar Noir delivers with a rich and resonant romantic ambience, both quiet and comfortable.

Expertly crafted cocktails and an inviting and engaging atmosphere make this the perfect hideaway for pre-dinner drinks with someone special or just meeting with friends for a quiet evening.



~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA