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- How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA
Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Discover LA | Naughty Los Angeles
 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA

It's one of the most exciting, erotic and sexy cities on the planet, so if you're booking a trip to the City of Angels, it makes sense to plan ahead to make sure you squeeze every last drop of seduction out of your time away. Here are Sienna Sinclaire's tips for planning the ultimate naughty trip to LA.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Book a Hotel

Click Here To Book LA Hotels

Probably the most important part of any naughty trip is choosing where you stay.

It's vital to feel sexy, mischievous and ready for some erotic action, so you have to make sure you pick somewhere which fills your senses and makes you feel horny all day and all night.

Sienna is the absolute expert on LA's sexiest hotels, everything from romantic boutique accommodation, to specialist sex-themed hideaways offering topless sunbathing, burlesque entertainment and dirty little weekend packages.

Sienna has hand-picked each hotel in her unique accommodation guide, and can personally vouch for the erotic qualities of each one.

Even if you're single, there's nothing to stop you having a fun-filled trip with your girlfriends, booking in for a sensuous massage, or even finding a fetish hotel to meet all your kinky needs.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Sexy Shopping

Click Here To Shop LA Stores

LA is a seriously sexy place to go shopping. From the high end labels of Rodeo Drive to the myriad boutique stores of Downtown, Santa Monica and Hollywood, Sienna knows exactly where to send you to ensure some erotic retail therapy.

Whether you're after some new sex toys to spice up your bedroom action, some sexy new lingerie to strip off for your lover on your dirty weekend, or a special fetish outfit to really ignite that fire, Sienna knows where to find it all.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Book a Naughty Bus Tour

Click Here To Book Naughty Tour

There are tons of sightseeing tours, excursions and bus trips out to LA's most famous landmarks and buildings, but only Sienna knows where to find the delicious, after-dark excitement of Los Angeles' naughty side.

Hop on board one of her BYOB Sexy Bus Tours and discover erotic adventures in various hotbeds of the city.

- Santa Monica Naughty Bus Tour
Meeting at a sexy bikini bar, you'll soak up the ocean buzz with visits to a nude strip club, some lapdancing, a sex toy store and even a Mistress's dungeon.

- Downtown LA Naughty Bus Tour
Sienna will show you some old-town brothels, take you to a sexy strip club, help you explore you kink side with a dungeon visit, and you also get to end up at a real Swingers' party (extra.)

- Hollywood Naughty Bus Tour
Experience what the stars get up to when the paps aren't looking. Start off in one of Hollywood's sexiest bars, then head for a luxury sex toy store (with demos!,) the Porn Walk of Fame, a dungeon with hot tub, and the VIP area of an exclusive Hollywood night club.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Erotic Nightlife

Click Here To Check Out LA Nightlife

LA at night is spectacular, but the choice of places to go can be so dizzying, you might end up missing the perfect bars and clubs which suit you.

But don't worry because Sienna has done all the work for you in finding the sexiest, sultriest, naughtiest places to visit when the sun goes down.

From strip clubs, swingers clubs and fetish clubs, to burlesque entertainment, drag shows, naughty dinners and the city's most exclusive, celebrity-laden bars and nightclubs, Sienna has picked out over 70 awesome places to go for anyone with a naughty night-time nature.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Book Restaurant

Click Here To Book LA Restaurant

A romantic restaurant meal is a must-do in a city like LA. With aphrodisiacs aplenty and so many sexy, sultry dining rooms to choose from, it's all about knowing exactly where to go to get those juices flowing.

Each restaurant is hand-picked by Sienna - she knows all of them intimately - so whether you're looking for classic French romance, sexy Spanish tapas or adventurous Asian flavors, let Sienna guide you towards an erotic eaterie full of horny haute cuisine.

You never know, you might even spot a celebrity or two as you feast on oysters by the ocean or beluga by the beach.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Naughty Events

Click Here To Attend Naughty Event

In a city as large and vibrant as LA, there's are tons of things going on every day of every week.

And if you've never visited before, it can be hard to know where to look to find those naughty activities you and your lover want to indulge in.

But Sienna has done all the party-planning for you. Simply by visiting her regularly-updated calendar of current naughty events, you can plan your trip with military precision.

There are over 100 naughty events going on each month, from swingers' parties, meetups and spanking classes, to burlesque lunches, fetish shows, drag show bingo and porn star karaoke.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Hang out with Sienna!

Click Here To Hang Out With Sienna

At lots of Sienna's suggested events you can meet the lady herself. She's the number one Naughty Girl of LA, a qualified sex coach and a respected expert on LA's sex history.

Sienna hosts regular weekly events including mixers at some of her favorite sexy bars, burlesque lunches and dinners, and fetish events.

Join her Meetup page to find out if there's something happening when you're next in town. Sienna also conducts all her own bus tours (see above,) so that's another way to hang out with Sienna one-on-one.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Get Discounts

Click Here To Get Discounts

To save cash on your Naughty Trip to LA, Sienna recommends ordering a Naughty Card three weeks in advance of your visit.

It's FREE and you can use it to get discounts on a range of things, from hotel rooms, drinks, show tickets and erotic events, to swing club admission fees, sex store discounts and a lot, lot more.

It's a sexy little card, too, which looks great in your wallet or purse, and you can use it both online and in person.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Stay in the Know!

Click Here Sign Up For Newsletter

It's important to stay ahead of the game if you're planning a naughty trip to LA anytime soon.

Signing up to Sienna's newsletter means you'll be the first to know about any sexy new event, show and meetup happening in town.

Even if you live in LA, sign up so you can be first through the door at your chosen event. The newsletter is updated weekly, so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Buy Naughty Souvenirs

Click Here To Buy LA Souvenirs

Like any good vacation, you'll want to take home a souvenir of your trip.

After a naughty trip, it makes sense to take back some helpful reminders of the sexy time you had, so don't forget to visit Sienna's online souvenir store.

She sells hundreds of ´┐ŻNaughty LA´┐Ż items to make you smile once you're forced back to the office on Monday morning.

From cheeky mugs, pens and travel bags, to clothing, books, magnets and much, much more, there'll be something in Sienna's store to help you remember all those naughty memories you just made.

 How To Plan Your Naughty Trip To LA | Naughty LA

Give the Gift of Naughty

Click Here To Give The Gift of Naughty

If you enjoyed your naughty trip to LA and want to spread the sexy word, why not offer to share the experience by way of a naughty little gift card so your friends can join the party?

Sienna offers gift cards for everything including her online store, Meetup events, parties, souvenirs, books and, of course, her Naughty Bus Tours.

By gifting a gift card, you're letting your loved one make their own choices about what to do while they're here, and offering them a myriad things to do they might not have thought about.



~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA