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- Naughty Guide to Silver Lake
Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty Los Angeles
 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

Naughty Guide to Silver Lake

It's often called "LA's original gay neighborhood" but the Silver Lake of today is a lot edgier, bohemian and integrated than its 1960s heyday.

It's over 50 years since the so-called "Black Cat Protests" of 1967; a community uprising triggered by police oppression against the gay community, most notably when officers tried to arrest patrons of the Black Cat Bar on Sunset Junction, for alleged "lewd conduct."

This courageous act of civil defence inspired the more famous Stonewall Uprising of 1969 in New York, but Silver Lake can rightly lay claim to being where the active LGBT movement truly began.

The stand inspired the founding of The Advocate, which remains the LGBT community's most important and trailblazing publication.

The Black Cat today is more a gentrified gastropub than a gay bar with attitude, but you can still hear the whispers of protests gone by if you lean into the walls and listen.

Sunset Junction is still a Mecca for LGBT historians keen to see where the movement was born, and the fact that the area sits at the head of a physical junction for old LA streetcars, cements its symbolism, but what other attractions does Silver Lake and its colorful inhabitants hold for curious visitors?

Mostly, you'll find that the bars and cafes fall into two distinct categories - traditional cruising joints and hipster, arty hangouts.

Here's my pick of seductive, spicy and sexy things to do in Silver Lake:

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

1. The Stockroom


Also known as Syren, this is a boutique selling sexy outfits, seductive sex toys and a vast array of naughty DVDs.

The staff are knowledgeable and very friendly, so if you're not used to spicy shopping, they'll put you at your ease and make sure you go away with everything you need to step things up a gear in the bedroom.

They also hold regular seminars on intimate subjects, so it's kind of like Sunday School for Sex.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

2. Mattachine Steps

A regular fixture on the route maps of fitness fanatics, these steps were named after The Mattachine Society; a gay rights club founded by activist, Harry Hay, who lived in an adjacent house on Cove Avenue.

Hay dedicated his life to LGBT advocacy and the steps were dedicated to him in 2012.

You can't come to Silver Lake and not pay homage to the guy who arguably began the whole LA LGBT movement.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

3. Jenette Bras


If you're lucky enough to have big boobs then there's nothing better than finding a proper, gravity-defying brassiere that won't dig into your armpits or send your breasts shooting out in all directions every time you move.

Having a proper bra-fitting is an amazing experience, because most women have never had one, so it can be life-changing.

At this Silver Lake boutique, Mistress Jenette provides the most bespoke bra service on the planet, with the guarantee that you'll walk out of there feeling supported, seductive and sexy as hell.

Allow at least an hour to get your cherished chest checked and charted, then choose from an array of super-sexy garments that will fit you like the proverbial glove.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

4. Bootie LA


If you're after something high energy where you can get sweaty and breathless, then these mash-up DJ parties, usually at Echoplex on Glendale Blvd, are just the ticket.

With themed nights such as "Britney v Taylor" or "Generation X v Millennials," Bootie LA is a 5-hour dance marathon featuring celebrity DJs, costume cash prizes and brilliant drinks deals.

Find a disco date on this urban dancefloor and see where the night takes you.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

5. Los Globos


One of the first openly-gay clubs in LA and the first in the country to hold a legal rave, there's heaps of gay history at Los Globos.

This club is the epitome of diversity, so whatever your persuasion, you're guaranteed a warm welcome here.

There are four full bars, a fab VIP area and a huge smoking patio, so to say that it caters for everyone is a bit of an understatement.

They hold regular theme nights here, everything from Destiny's Child Night to Reggae Gathering.

They also do stand-up comedy once a month.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

6. Kettle Black


So you know that scene in Lady & The Tramp, when they inadvertently kiss over a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs?

Well why not re-enact the moment with your lover at this ultra-hip Italian eaterie on W Sunset?

It's housed in a gorgeous brick building and oozes romance from every pore.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

7. Silverlake Lounge


LA is synonymous with dive bars and late-night loucheness, and this is one of the places that does it best.

They're live music specialists but it was for drag and burlesque shows that they initially became known.

The venue is a well-known platform for local bands, both hetero and LGBT and the sweaty, sticky-floor atmosphere only adds to the hip reputation.

So if you like your bars down and dirty, this should be top of your list.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

8. The Edendale


A former fire station, this 1920s bar and kitchen has heaps of atmosphere and is a real paradise in which to escape the heat and noise of the city streets.

There are some beautiful black and white movie stills hanging on the walls and the cocktail list is to die for.

Inside it's all soft lighting, wood-paneled ceilings and long, upholstered booths, but get a table outside to make the most of the romance here.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

9. Eagle LA


One of Silver Lake's most famous bars, this is one for the fetish and leather crowd.

There's always been a leather bar on this site, with various names down the years, but today it's definitely made its nest as Eagle LA.

The bar staff are known for their distinct lack of attire and, each April 1st, they hold a jokey "Mr Cupcake" contest for pretty boys and "sissies."

The highlight of the ELA year, however, is the Mr Leather contest (!.)

You have to have a naughty sense of humor to come here, but it will probably turn out to be the best night of your Silver Lake experience.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

10. Faultline


Staying with the dive theme, Faultline hosts some of Silver Lake's naughtiest entertainment for cruising men.

If you're partial to musclebound, sleek-skinned construction workers, then this place has them in spades.

Every Sunday there's a "Beer Bust" party on the huge outdoor patio, while "Take It Off Thursdays" sees most clubbers reduced to their boxers.

If you can never be bothered with small talk and trivial conversations, then this will be paradise for you.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

11. LAMILL Coffee


This is a well-known LGBT-friendly coffee shop on Silver Lake Blvd, staffed by hot baristas of both sexes.

Sit and watch the world go by with a sinful hot chocolate or people-watch the gallery of cool cats who usually frequent this place morning, noon and night.

If you like your coffee even more highbrow, skip across to Intelligentsia on West Sunset and enjoy the street chic of their huge terrace patio.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

12. Akbar


Once a month this Silver Lake institution hosts an eclectic, hedonistic night of dance and disco.

Great drinks deals and a lack of pretention makes Akbar a magnet for both show-offs and wallflowers, so if you like to look but not touch, or you're one of those who can't keep your hands to yourself, this place will suit you either way.

On non-event nights, it's a welcoming boudoir of soft lighting, smooth seating and an intimacy that makes it easy to either meet new people or hug the walls in peace.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

13. Barbrix


Silver Lake is full of gorgeous little eateries but this one on Hyperion Avenue is one of the most romantic.

Bringing your date here is guaranteed to set the mood for some naughty action later on.

They specialize in tapas and other small plates from around the world, so this is a great place to feed your lover some sexy asparagus spears, a duck vol-au-vent or two, or even some vanilla gelato drowned in espresso for dessert.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

14. Rough Trade Leather & Gear


When you need a break from the bar-hopping, nip into here to purchase a few toys or tools to spice up your sex life.

They specialize in S&M leather and bondage gear (obviously) and everything's high-quality, best-in-line stock.

Check out their line in street gear and get a unique souvenir of your visit to Silver Lake.

If you want to get the most out of your naughty vacation, then this is pretty much a one-stop shop for everything wicked you had in mind.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

15. Casita del Campo


This is one of Silver Lake's most sumptuous, prettiest eateries with a 55-year history of feeding the food of love to its faithful clientele.

Hire out the deluxe Love Chimney room with its hot pink walls and eclectic murals, or dine on the deck with its glass mosaic tables and romantic arbors.

The cuisine is luxury Mexican, using secret family recipes and ladles of love poured into every dish.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

16. El Cid


A Silver Lake institution for over 55 years, El Cid offers sultry Flamenco nights, sexy Burlesque evenings and regular comedy events, as well as themed entertainment such as "Wicked Woman - famous movie pole dances" and "Bewitching Burlesque & Psychics."

There's something for everyone here, and you can get food with your seat, too, so settle in for the whole evening and let off some steam.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

17. Cliff's Edge


If you've been partying a little too hard in and around Silver Lake, or you just need to recharge your batteries before another naughty session, then come to Cliff's Edge for a gorgeous few hours of relaxation in the arbored garden terrace.

It's a sylvan paradise right in the heart of Silver Lake and, with an owner called Casanova, you just know this is the right place to kick back with your lover and enjoy some sexy finger food and cocktails.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

18. Sawyer


Another fab cafe restaurant with a gorgeous patio out the back.

Here, there�s even a fire pit, so on cooler nights you can snuggle up with your lover and get hypnotized by the flames as you sip Mimosas and nibble on olives and chocolate strawberries.

It's fresh, romantic and modern, here, and the perfect place to get loved up.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

19. Blair's Restaurant


A huge favorite with the locals, dining at Blair's means you've instantly become part of the Silver Lake community.

Beautiful people come here when they want to enjoy an intimate tete-a-tete and they're big on candlelight and brick, so it's the ideal dating destination.

It's not cheap, and the menu isn't big on choice (pasta, salads etc,) but everything's delicious and there's an aura here which instantly puts you in a naughty mood.

 Naughty Guide to Silver Lake | Naughty LA

20. Cafe Stella


I love kicking back in here because it's like being in another country - France, to be precise.

You can almost hear the accordion music as you sip on an espresso and admire the rustic artwork and "bon vivant" atmosphere.

It's a super-friendly place, too, so you'll feel comfortable coming here alone or with a lover (or two). It's French, after all.

There's also "Bar Stella," which cranks up the intimacy levels and offers jazz music in a loungey, laid-back cellar atmosphere.

Check out the small patio area, too - a mini-paradise in summer.



~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA