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• 17 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA
Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Discover LA | Naughty Los Angeles
Top 17 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA
(Under 100k followers)

LA is full of microbloggers; sexy women who are dedicated to letting everyone know what's hot, what's not, where to go and where to be seen etc.

They're the lifeblood of the LA social (media) scene, always the height of fashion and they all have something unique about them.

Naughty Los Angeles has picked the top 18 Sexy LA Girls on Instagram with a following under 100k.

Once I'd narrowed down all the eligible options (all girls must live in LA, not just know the city,) I then selected them on 4 other important criteria: Sexiness, confidence, playfulness and a little naughty.

Every girl had to meet at least 3 of these 4 requirements to make the list, then from there, I finally came up with my ultimate Top 17 Sexy Girls Of LA With Under 100k Followers.

They're all super-sexy, confident in their own way, some playful and many are more than happy to get down and naughty!

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

1. @by_simplyb - 1.7k followers

Brittany is relatively new to the Instagram scene so she's yet to amass the number of followers that some of LA's other bloggers enjoy. But I don't think she's far behind and someone definitely to follow.

She combines all my criteria: sexy, playful, confident and a little naughty! Follow her if you're interested in clothing tips, great photo ideas or just want to look at eye candy.

Check out her website at Simply B to discover more about her by clicking link in Instagram bio.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

2. @xomelissavictoria - 10.6k followers

Former Fashion PR intern, Melissa, is a fashion & lifestyle blogger who loves sharing every fashion tip that comes to mind, big or small.

She's also a big foodie so lots of her pictures show her modeling something fabulous at the same time as tucking into a tempting slice of cake!

What I love most about Melissa is that she keeps things minimalist, sharing pictures of a simple outfit or single item, like a hat, pair of shoes, a purse etc, so you can easily start imagining what you could do with your own look.

She's also cute and girly - her photos are full of pink and sparkle - but you know what they say about the cute girls, that there's a very naughty girl inside just waiting to get out.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

3. @butwhatshouldiwear - 11.8k followers

This is the page of Allison Kelley, a lifestyle and travel blogger who has an incredible Instagram page.

If you like anything you see - clothes, make-up, accessories etc - simply click on the photo and you'll get a rundown of all the items she's wearing and where to find them.

It's an Instagram shop, basically, and it's a fantastic idea that's so easy to use.

She runs her own site, too, which has similar shopping tools so you can instantly buy what's in Allison's closet, as well as picking up tons of tips and tricks for how to shop.

She's got that girl next door style about her, so lots of elegant casuals, but she can also rock the swimsuit and lingerie look, like all sexy LA girls.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

4. @julietjoie - 15.9k followers

Juliet Turley is a wellness and beauty blogger born in Nigeria and now resident in LA.

She's got so much energy, it leaps off the sexy pictures she shares, and that smile is a thousand miles wide - very LA!

Check out the clothes she models on her Instagram page because you'll often find voucher codes and other discounts and giveaways.

Jeans, trousers, shoes and bags seem to be a specialty of hers, plus you'll probably pick up tons of beauty tips, too - Juliet's a queen when it comes to finding amazing skincare products.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

5. @hangitupla - 19.2k followers

Morgan is social media whizz, blogging, snapchatting, Facebooking and Tweeting about everything new and exciting happening in the fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle worlds.

She has a style which is quite understated - lots of monochrome, tight denim, subtle florals etc - but she really knows how to show off her figure and pick outfits which complement her shape.

She also gets access to the latest fashion shows and is often chosen to trial new beauty products from all the top names.

Her website, Hang It Up, often features giveaways and discounts, so if you like what you see on Instagram, head there to try and replicate the look.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

6. @gabriellaaugust - 16.1k followers

Gabriella August is an old romantic. She loves Paris, loves pink, loves hearts & flowers and always looks sensational in beautiful girly pictures she shares on Instagram.

She's also a frequent product tester for companies like Milk and Smashbox, but what I love most about Gabriella is that she's happy to showcase high end designer labels alongside affordable high street couture.

It's not what you pay for an item, it's how you wear it that counts, so check out Gabriella's blog to find out how to look like a true Angelean wherever you are.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

7. @karsen_rigby - 24k followers

An accomplished model and Instagrammer, Karsen is also a respected actress, having originated the role of 'Hot Girl' in the hit LA play 'Elevator.'

Karsen has that gorgeous laissez faire attitude and look, so her pictures always appear effortless, yet fun and spirited, too.

One of my favorites Instagram photos of her is one of her stood next to pop art print of comic book heroine Gwen Stacey aka Spider-Gwen.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

8. @kalynelionheart - 26.6k followers

Founder and CEO of Brazil-Lionheart Entertainment, Kalyne is a music video director who specializes in sharing vibrant, energy-fueled pictures of clubs, bars and music-in-action.

She also loves to share pictures of her amazing bikini-clad body on a variety of LA's beaches and, being a mistress behind the camera, she knows just how to find the perfect lighting for the perfect shot.

Her pictures have a really professional feel to them, especially her amazing use of color.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

9. @saratiaraxo - 34.1k followers

A trained ballerina and former burlesque dancer, Sara Tiara is now a professional model in high demand and it's not hard to see why.

Possessed of a sultry mystique, she uses her dance training to pose in some really flexible positions (!) which is why her following is growing month on month.

She also has an eclectic style; her use of color and fabric in the outfits she chooses to model prove how "outside the box" her thinking is.

She also shoots some AMAZING semi-nude pictures which are super-erotic and incredibly artful, good enough to hang in the boudoir.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

10. @loveandloathingla - 39.9k followers

The food and fashion blog of Caroline Yuen, she's got a great little rocket side to her, full of spirit, fire and a brilliant sense of humor.

Besides all her fabulous fashion pictures displaying all the latest trends, she loves to show off Los Angeles at its best, from posing in front of skyscrapers and eating ice cream in the park, to strolling along a beach at dawn and enjoying morning coffee on a Downtown sidewalk.

This girl's got the LA lifestyle down to a tee, dressing from head to toe "in my city best" and attending all the best social events that LA has to offer.

Her website, Love & Loathing LA, contains tips and recommendations on the best bars, cafes, clubs and stores in the whole 503 sq km of Los Angeles.

She also claims to have invented the "taco emoji!" What's not to like?

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

11. @paytonsartain - 41.6k followers

Texan native, Payton, is a gorgeous life & style blogger who not only knows how to take a great picture, but is also right on the money when it comes to fashion and trends.

She has her own website and vlog (www.hustleandhalcyon.com) and a YouTube channel where she offers tutorials on everything from how to get LA beach hair to how to find the best look for you.

Fashion giants regularly use her to be their clothes horse and she also holds regular giveaways.

She really knows how to frame a picture, especially cityscapes, so check out her awesome urban shots which show her, and Los Angeles, in the best possible light.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

12. @hundredblog - 43k followers

Krista Williams hosts the popular Almost 30 podcast with new episodes every Tuesday.

Outspoken and sassy, Krista is also hot as hell, which is why she's amassed 45k followers who can't get enough of her pics-with-attitude.

She's a fan of the casual, hanging-out street style look and uses her blog to spread the LA vibe around the world.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

13. @lovelyinla - 56.1k followers

Rachel is living proof that LA girls are gorgeous, whatever size they are, so it's no wonder she has over 50k followers.

Her Instagram pictures show off her curves in everything from swimsuits and sundresses to boob tubes and denim.

She has a huge fanbase, and she even curated her own fashion collection for the JustFab online store.

Rachel has a boot fetish, so if you're looking for some sexy, stiletto boot inspiration, head to her page and check out which boots are made for walking.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

14. @itssangtime - 79.7k followers

Sangyay is one of LA's sassiest fashion and beauty bloggers.

Always first to test new products or show off new trends, she's the perfect clothes horse and she's not afraid to try out new looks so she can share her findings with her 65k followers.

I like that she has a bit of an LA edge, that certain "je ne sais quois" about her which is always so seductive.

Whenever I want a quick beauty tip or trick I usually check out Sangyay's Instagram page to see what's hot right now.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

15. @brittanicole - 90.6k followers

Describing herself as an "animal lover and feminist." Brittani has mastered the perfect Instagram pose.

She knows what looks good on her and she likes to play with different lighting and angles, so no wonder she's so popular.

She's also one of the most popular "Musers" on Musical.ly, so it's worth checking out her dance moves, too.

If you're looking for monochrome style inspirations or beach/bikini ideas, Brittani is one of the best.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

16. @emilypalos - 88.1k followers

Emily's a classic LA beach babe; long, blonde hair, tan, legs that go on forever, and a smile which can seduce even the hardest of hearts.

She still has that "girl next door" sense of innocence about her, though, which is why she's so popular - there has to be something naughty under that butter-wouldn't-melt exterior, right?

What Emily's really good at is the "action pose," knowing when the camera's there and moving just at the right moment so she gets captured at the perfect moment.

Whether it's swishing hair, a hip strut, or a faraway look to something imaginary off camera, Emily's pictures kind of epitomise the LA vibe; free, fresh, sultry and intoxicating.

She's also very inspirational and you'll find all kinds of life-affirming little phrases on her Instagram page, mixed in with a bevy of sunkissed, arty portraits.

Top 18 Sexy Instagram Girls of LA | Naughty LA

17. @bylisalinh - 94.6k followers

Styling herself as a "travel entrepreneur," Lisa Linh shares pictures from all over the world; amazing buildings, lush gardens, bustling markets or vibrant coffee shops etc, but she always makes sure to include herself in the picture, looking effortlessly chic and relaxed.

She also offers great lifestyle tips on her website By Lisa Linh so, if you love lists and life hacks, you should check it out.

With nearly 100k followers, she's obviously doing something right.



~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA