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- Naughty Guide to Los Feliz
Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Discover LA | Naughty Los Angeles
Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz

Los Feliz is one of those fantastic neighborhoods that feels more like a small village or idyllic hamlet than anything else.

It was the original site of the modern movie industry, housing the very first film studios like Prospect Studios and Monogram Pictures during the Twenties.

Even the legendary and iconic Mickey Mouse was born in a garage on Kingswell Avenue and Disney's first animation studio was nearby on Vermont Avenue.

Los Feliz contains a richly storied past filled with beautiful history, mystery and intrigue and has long been a seductive and attractive locale for celebrities and other members of the Hollywood elite.

Easy to navigate and perfect for walking, the many shops, boutiques and restaurants offer a wonderfully contemporary and modern experience built upon the architecture and spirit of the past.

If you look closely on your visit, you'll find a great deal of naughty and exciting destinations on your tour here.

You may even spot a celebrity or two, or three-since Jon Hamm, Megan Fox, Dita Von Tease and Katy Perry all make Los Feliz their home, including The Naughty Girl of LA...Sienna Sinclaire!

To help you explore one of LA's most enduring and historic neighborhoods, I've compiled a few choice destinations below to help get you started on your naughty adventures.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Jumbo's Clown Room

5153 Hollywood Blvd.

If you're looking for some naughty fun in Los Feliz, then Jumbo's Clown Room is the place for you. It's a strip club, but called a bikini bar because they don't take their clothes off. And because there's no nudity, they allow alcohol.

This strip club is different from others, in that's it's more of a hang out spot for both men and women. A lot of the strippers are burlesque performers, fire dancers, sword swallowers and more. And many of the customers are regulars and good friends with the dancers.

Make sure to get their early as it's a very small venue and the place gets packed. Get their too late and there will be a line outside.

This is definitely one of the best strip clubs in LA because it's so much fun and the girls really work the pole and are a great time.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA


4600 Hollywood Blvd.

Stepping into Cheetahs is like taking a trip back in time to seventies era Los Angeles but in the best possible way you could imagine.

Sexy, tattooed girls dance and twirl in a glitzy-grunge, pole dancing frenzy and really, really know how to make you feel comfortable.

Having a full bar because it's not totally nude makes Cheetahs even hotter.

A dirty old man and hipsters paradise all at the same time, Cheetahs is a great night of naughty fun the old fashioned way: with hot strippers and cold drinks.

The naughtiest establishment in the Los Feliz area, Cheetahs is definitely not to be missed!

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA


1760 N Vermont Ave.

Providing excellence since 1954, the Dresden is a legendary, old school restaurant and lounge that has been featured in countless films, including "Swingers" and "That Thing You Do."

Featuring a delectable menu of classic American and Continental cuisine, an evening at the Dresden is a romantic and classy step back in time.

Subtle lighting casts a warm glow over the beautiful, soft white booths that surround the main dining room as you relax into the comfort of a rich and decadent meal.

After your romantic dinner, you can step into the lounge to catch Marty and Elaine's superb jazz show, an absolute rite of passage for anyone coming to Los Angeles.

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Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

The Sit Down

4518 Hollywood Blvd.

The Sit Down is an amazing little gem tucked quietly off of Hollywood Blvd that sports a beautiful hidden patio and garden in the back, perfect for outdoor dining, drinking and people watching.

An incredible menu featuring a variety of pastas, pizzas and tasty sandwiches, The Sit Down is a perfect casual destination for a lunch or dinner date.

Comfortable and unpretentious, this restaurant has a laid back, neighborhood kind of feel where dogs are welcome and drinks are BYOB.

A wonderful addition to the growing Los Feliz neighborhood, the Sit Down is an absolute must for your tour of great, local dining.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Figaro Bistrot

1802 N Vermont Ave.

A favorite among locals, the Figaro Bistrot is a stunning bistrot, featuring full service breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a mouth watering bakery packed with fresh breads and desserts and a full bar.

An incredibly Parisian experience in the heart of Los Feliz and surrounded by amazing boutiques and Skylight Books next door, the Figaro offers a remarkably romantic ambience with its French antiques and iron chandeliers.

Sitting outside on the sidewalk patio is perfect for reveling in the Frenchness of it all and great spot for people watching as celebrities, screenwriters and other local color come to enjoy the sumptuous French decadence that only the Figaro can offer.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA


1714 N Vermont Ave.

Located in the quaint heart of Los Feliz Village, Rockwell Table and Stage is one of the best supper club, stage and show experiences you can find in town.

A truly unique experience, Rockwell offers an exquisite menu, full bar and an absolutely stunning outdoor patio dining area.

A great place for a naughty night out, they feature a variety of burlesque and cabaret styled shows sprinkled in amongst cool jazz performances and other local theatrical gems.

Perfect for a naughty date with its enchanting atmosphere, shows and dining, Rockwell is a venue that you won't want to miss.

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Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Desert Rose

1700 Hillhurst Ave.

A beautiful patio with stained glass rose sculpture and shimmering fountains of water make for a pleasurable and romantic outdoor dining experience at the Desert Rose.

A menu of California-Mediterannean cuisine and an expansive wine list offer an amazing array of options for tickling your tastebuds at this Los Feliz favorite on Hillhurst Avenue.

Casual yet classy, the Desert Rose is an ideal destination for a dinner date or as a venue for a larger group of friends.

One of the best kept brunch secrets in town, the Desert Rose offers an amazing choice of spectacular organic omelets along with a delicious Benedict menu on the weekends.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA


1760 Hillhurst Ave.

A bonafide staple for locals and a steady draw for visitors to the area, Home is indeed where the heart is. A rich menu of contemporary classic American cuisine offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in a rustic, cozy environment with plenty of space to stretch out and get comfortable.

Perfect for large groups or an intimate dinner, Home is a reliable choice for tasty comfort food served by a friendly and accommodating staff.

Night is a great time to come and enjoy the atmosphere on the patio outside with the dim lights and fire glow, snuggling up to your date under the heaters during those chilly California evenings.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA


1929 Hillhurst Ave.

The Alcove is housed in two of the oldest houses in Los Feliz: a Spanish duplex built in 1916 and a Craftsman cottage built in 1897.

With an incredible patio which is almost always packed every day of the week, the Alcove has been one of the trendiest and hippest dining destinations in Los Angeles for over a decade.

Drawing celebrities, hipsters, tourists and locals, everyone comes to enjoy the amazing classic American offerings featured on the menu here.

This is definitely one of those places to see and be seen. Popular for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Alcove is a great first date locale but also perfect for the morning after.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Good Luck Bar

1514 Hillhurst Ave.

Red lit lanterns and strong, if not unusual tropical drinks being served underneath the dim, dim lights-the Good Luck Bar has been a favorite with Angeleno bar crawlers in the know for decades now.

A haunt for the cool and the hip, this classy little hide away is the perfect locale to indulge your appetite for all things cool and kitschy.

Sexy and cool and always playing great music from the jukebox, the Good Luck Bar is the ultimate place to begin or end your evening.

Take your pick. I promise that you can't go wrong either way.

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Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Hotel Covell

4626 Hollywood Blvd.

A quaint and charming, small boutique hotel featuring five rooms, each designed with its own unique and artistic aesthetic, the Hotel Covell has quickly become one of the most popular places to stay in the Los Feliz area.

Set in a convenient and fantastic location with quick access to all of LA's hippest neighborhoods and trendsetting shops and restaurants, the Covell is the perfect destination for a naughty escape.

Simple, smart and decked with an array of amenities designed for your ideal comfort, each suite is like staying in your own private apartment.

The Bar Covell, the hotel's spectacular wine and beer venue is a destination in its own right, serving up an incredible mix of style and class.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Co-op 28

1728 N Vermont Ave.

The Co-Op is great little trendy vintage shop located at the southernmost end of Los Feliz Village and offers a ton of unique handmade gifts and interesting vintage items.

They also offer cheeky pinup books, cups and photos along with naughty holiday cards and so much more. A great place to stop and check out the local wares, the Co-Op definitely has something for everyone.

If you're looking for that extra special piece for your home, or simply need to grab a unique gift, Co-Op is worth checking out on your shopping tour of Los Feliz.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA


1768 N Vermont Ave.

This store is definitely all about girl power. Most of the items are for women and feature everything from boobie cups to rugs, towels, pillows, coat hangers and more.

Otherwild was created as a space that not only serves a retail purpose but is designed also to bring creative people together to showcase workshops, apparel, jewelry and art with a distinct emphasis on handmade items and exploring the visions of its artists and craftspeople.

Otherwild is a place where you can be free to be yourself and find that same spirit in the delightful items on display.

Another great store for naughty gifts or items for your home. I've already stocked up on naughty items for my home from boobie pillows, towels and cups.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Skylight Books

1818 N Vermont Ave.

A brilliant, naughty little book store in the heart of Los Feliz on Vermont. They offer tons of different types of books but in the back but tucked away in the corner they have a section of Erotic Fiction and Art featuring books about watching porn and anal sex to titles like, The Ethical Slut.

Skylight has been a neighborhood favorite for years and is a terrific place to bring a date and explore the tremendous selection offered here, but most importantly to explore the great naughty selection to be found.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA


4633 Hollywood Blvd.

A super fun store in Los Feliz, just filled to the brim with random stuff. Wacko is great for gag gifts or that hard to shop for person and there's truly something here for everyone including naughty books, gifts and art work.

Wacko has been a neighborhood favorite decades and they also have an art gallery attached where they host art shows, some of which happen to be very naughty and provocative.

They recently just had a tiki art show with cheeky nudes so be sure to pay a visit to Wacko on your naughty tour of Los Feliz.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Vista Theatre

4473 Sunset Dr.

The Vista Theater originally opened on October 9, 1923 and has been going strong ever since. A historical landmark and truly impeccable fixture of Hollywood movie viewing, the Vista remains popular to this very day.

For those of you who wish to transport yourself back to the golden era of movie magic while being able to enjoy contemporary films, the Vista is an absolute must.

Perfect for a date night with so many great bars and restaurants being conveniently located nearby, the Vista offers the delightful appeal of romance and history for those seeking to step out of the box of the conventional movie theater experience and step into a slice of history.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Los Feliz Theater

1822 N Vermont Ave.

A beautiful old movie theater in operation since 1934, the Los Feliz Theater is a grand way to catch a wonderful film in a living piece of Hollywood History.

Located in the bustling center of Los Village theater, surrounded by great restaurants and local shops, this theater offers movie goers the rare chance to experience a film in great vintage style.

An ideal setting for a date as there as so many great restaurants like the Figaro Bistrot or even Fred 62 nearby, the Los Feliz Theater continues as a thriving monument to what makes Los Angeles and Los Feliz so unique.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Life Drawing

1125 McCadden Place

There are two major life drawing courses here, one for women-only and the other is for everyone.

The "Art of Woman" course is designed for female artists who want to draw the female form in a safe, nonintimadating envoirnment, so it's ideal for beginngers, and lasts four weeks (usually held every other month).

The second course is the weekly "Life Drawing Lounge," where you can use various media to draw/paint the models in front of you, and get personal instruction from a professional.

These are more casual classes which you can just turn up for on weeks that suit you.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Opus Oils

959 Hollywood Blvd

Probably one of the most luxurious scent-dual experiences of them all.

Opus Oils offers three main perfume packages to find you the perfect personal fragrance.

You can book into one of their classes at the "Perfume School" where you learn about the history of perfume, what goes into creating the perfect perfume, how to describe perfume, and articulate what you want from a fragrance before ulitmately creating your own scent to take home with you.

Half-day classes are also available, as are private one-on-one sessions with their expert alchemist, Kedra.

Naughty Guide to Los Feliz | Naughty LA

Los Feliz Life Drawing Group

4451 Kingswell Ave.

This group hosts life drawing and painting sessions every Monday and Thursday evening and Saturday morning. Affordable, at just $15, you'll be able to paint nude models in a laid-back, comfortable studio, and there are only 13 places available, so it's intimate and cozy.



~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA