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• Free Naughty Things To Do in LA
Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty Los Angeles
 Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA

There's always something exciting and risque happening in the City of Angels.

There is a provocative and seductive quality that feels woven into the fabric of the city itself, something scandalous underneath the sunshine and flowers, the glitz and glamour.

Fortunately, for locals and visitors looking to experience the naughtier side of the city, you don't have to look too far.

There are a remarkable amount of fun and naughty things to do that are absolutely free!

Outlined below are a few ideas and places to help you start exploring what Naughty Los Angeles has to offer.

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Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

The Getty Museums


Do you think that art and culture aren't particularly naughty? Well, think again.

Check out the legendary J. Paul Getty Museum or the Getty Villa in Malibu and you'll find a titillating variety of interesting erotic art from around the world, dating back through the centuries.

The Getty and it's sister in Malibu are two of LA's most beautiful and celebrated museums and the perfect places to spend a day exploring with a date. It's easy to turn the day into an erotic, cultural adventure by making it fun and seeing how many naughty pieces of art you can find.

Trust me. You'll be generously surprised!

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Pleasure Chest - Free Sex Classes


After spending a day at the museum, you may be inspired to continue your higher education by attending a sex workshop or class at the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood.

Totally free and devoted to a variety of topics designed to expand and enhance your proficiency and knowledge in the bedroom, classes are usually held every Wednesday night in a private area of the store.

It's a very casual and relaxed environment and the instructors are good at making naughty subjects like oral sex and BDSM a lot of fun.

A great place to come with your partner or simply check out on your own.

You'll even get discounts on sex toys after class!

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

No Pants Metro Ride


Usually held in January, the No Pants Metro Ride is an event that takes place across multiple cities throughout the world, including LA.

Subway riders everywhere strip down to their underwear and take to the subways in the spirit of naughty solidarity and good times.

What began as a prank by seven members of the Improv Everywhere group in NYC has become an event that thousands of people from around the world participate in.

We happen to be lucky in Los Angeles since our winters are rather mild and riding the metro in your underwear isn't as chilly or even absolutely freezing like Chicago or New York!

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

World Naked Bike Ride


The World Naked Bike Ride is a similar, annually held event that always draws a large crowd in Los Angeles.

The number of bicyclists and bike enthusiasts has grown in the city over the years and this is a great way for those in the biking community to come together.

While total nudity is not a requirement, but certainly not frowned upon, many use body paint or other creative ways of expressing themselves through costume or turning their bikes into rolling pieces of art.

Is there a naughtier way to experience the city than riding a bike through the streets completely naked with a thousand of your friends?

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Porn Star Walk of Fame

The Hustler Store @ 6540 Hollywood Blvd.
Studs Movie Theater @ 7734 Santa Monica Blvd.

Almost everyone is familiar with the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and the celebrity handprints of the stars in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd.

But did you know that there are actually two Porn Blocks of Fame in Los Angeles, too?

Check out the handprints of adult film legends like Jenna Jameson, Marylyn Chambers and Ron Jeremy in front of the Hustler store before doing a little naughty shopping inside.

Near the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood at the Studs Theater is where you can find the other one.

Here you can see the handprints of porn legends John C. Holmes and Georgina, among others.

Free and Naughty in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Drag Queen Bingo


Hamburger Mary's is a restaurant located in the heart of West Hollywood and a neighborhood favorite.

It's also a great venue for free entertainment which include fabulous drag shows and performers, karaoke nights and a fantastic bingo night that's not to be missed!

This is a great place to hang out with a group of friends and take in the festivities.

A relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes it a welcome destination for both gay and straight couples who are looking for a fun and naughty evening of delicious entertainment and celebration.

Be sure to check the website for their upcoming calendar of events.

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Burlesque at The Edison


Located downtown, The Edison is one of LA's sexiest and unique night spots.

Chic and sexy, the atmosphere presents itself as an interesting intersection of the city's sultry past and it's innovative future.

It's a swirling homage to both art and science, demonstrated by their attention to craft and detail in their signature cocktails.

But, it's also a great venue to catch one of the hottest burlesque shows in town.

There's always hot entertainment happening at the Edison, which also hosts amazing live jazz and aerialist performances.

It's the perfect place to bring a date for a hot and naughty night on the town.

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Swinger Events at Plush


For the more adventurous naughty enthusiast, I recommend checking to see if there are any free swinger events in the area being hosted by Plush, a fantastic party and event group that hosts some of the most lavish and naughty parties in town.

Sometimes, there are free events available.

Simply go to their website and signup for their newsletter.

Their free events can be their mixers, or if you're a member and you've attended some of their events, they offer a free events to current members.

Plush parties are perfect for beginning couples who are curious about the Lifestyle or for those already well acquainted, and also a great forum for meeting other like-minded people in the area.

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Naughty LA Parties


Be sure and check out what's happening under the Calendar section of my website along with joining my meetup group.

This will give you more information on events that I personally host and some of these events are totally free!

I hold mixers at sexy hotels and bars in Los Angeles and these can be a great opportunity to meet like-minded and fun people.

Other events I host might include burlesque shows or sex classes.

I'm always changing to keep things fresh and exciting!

I also host exciting private parties at various locations around Los Angeles, but these events are not free.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and link to my Meetup Group so you can stay up to date.

Stay naughty!

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

The Parlour Room of Hollywood


Tucked away off of Yucca Avenue in the heart of Hollywood, this unassuming bar looks like a complete dive from the outside, but inside it reveals itself as a swank and chic throwback to the glitzy and smoky era of Hollywood's seductive past.

Every Thursday night, the bad girls of Dollhouse Entertainment put on one of the sexiest and naughtiest burlesque shows in town.

The best thing is that its absolutely free! Perfect for a date or a midnight soiree with friends, Thursday nights at the Parlour Room are a perfect bet for a truly naughty night on the town.

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Room Service 360 Drag Show


Aptly billing itself as a 'five-star drag show in a five-star venue', Room Service 360 brings its unique blend of cabaret, burlesque and drag performance to the chic Riviera 31 club located in the posh Sofitel Hotel of Beverly Hills.

With song, live percussion and stunning dance perfected with a whole lot of sass and fabulous music, Room Service 360 is a must-see performance set inside a luxurious setting of elegance and sophistication.

This is definitely a show thats not to be missed and a fantastic destination for a date which aims to satisfy both fun and class.

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Riviera 31


Saturday nights at the Riviera 31 are definitely a hot place to be and the perfect location to catch one of LA's best and sinfully naughty burlesque shows.

Inspired by the sultry French Riviera and featuring a decadent menu of Mediterranean cuisine and sparkling cocktails, its a wonderful venue for a romantic evening for two and the perfect setting to get lost in the mysterious atmosphere and electricity of a wild night of sexy burlesque done right.

Riviera 31 is an absolute must-have on anyone's list of fabulous and free events in the city.


Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Britannia Burlesque by the Doll Face Dames


The sexy and naughty Dollface Dames invade Third Street Promenade at the Britannia Pub every Monday night.

A relaxed and casual Brit pub makes for a great place to catch one of the Doll's legendary burlesque performances.

With three shows per night starting at ten o'clock, the Dames put on a theatrical and seductively fun show that leaves audiences always demanding more!

Great for a group of friends as you're out exploring Santa Monica for a night, or perfect for a casual date, the Britannia Burlesque is classic, naughty British themed fun.

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Red Light Burlesque at the Townhouse


The sexy and naughty Dollface Dames invade Third Street Promenade at the Britannia Pub every Monday night.

Step into another era at the Red Light Burlesque show held downstairs in the Del Monte speakeasy at Venice's legendary Townhouse bar.

Featuring the notorious Bootleg Bombshells who offer a dazzling array of cabaret style burlesque, aerial and performance art, the Red Light Burlesque is every Wednesday night at eleven-thirty and absolutely free!

Perhaps the ultimate location for such a show, this speakeasy was once home to a well-known bootlegging operation during the Twenties and the history of the bar is rich with mystery and danger.

A stones throw away from the beach, its the perfect show to catch after a long day of surfing waves and hanging out in bustling Venice.



~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA