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• Alison Rubke's Interview
Naughty Girl's of LA | Alison Rubke's Interview | Naughty Los Angeles
@alisonrubke Social Media Interview  | Naughty LA

Naughty Girl's of LA
Alison Rubke's Interview

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What do you find naughty about LA?

I think the people of LA are what make it sexy; it's a perpetually sunny place, so everyone wants to look their best showing their golden skin and toned bodies.

Of course our city is also filled with the most beautiful cars and restaurants with wonderful ambience.

As for being naughty, LA has a lot of personality as well as its Hollywood history, so nearly every part of town has a bit of scandal attached to it.

The city has a long reputation for being a large contributor to the adult entertainment industry, and where else can you find Hugh Hefner's mansion and a Hustler store just a few miles apart?

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LA

Where's your favorite place to go
in LA when you want to feel sexy?

It's easiest to feel sexy at night, so I particularly like places that have glowing candlelight and that aren't crazy crowded either.

That being said, my husband and I like to enjoy an amazing meal in a beautiful restaurant for our date nights, and I definitely feel my sexiest then!

We are frequently at Mastro's Steakhouse, so that's been our go-to sexy spot for a few years now.

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LA

How did you get into the lingerie business?

Opening a lingerie boutique was actually my mom's idea!

We wanted to open a retail store together, and came to the conclusion that no one was selling the specialty, high-end brands we were seeing in European fashion magazines.

I was working as a CPA as a tax analyst at the time, and simply quit my job to learn the lingerie industry.

I really knew nothing about it at first, but quickly found my way to the best brands during trips to NYC and Paris!

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LA

Who's your favorite lingerie designer and why?

That's almost an impossible question!

Let's just say, my favorite brand to wear everyday is Stella McCartney, Marlies Dekkers and Natori because they are comfortable, stylish and easy to wear with almost anything.

My favorite for special occasions and her overall ability to create the most fantastic collections is Chantal Thomass.

Granted, they only sell her really fun stuff in Paris, but it's still so fun to see what's new each season.

And lastly, my favorite simply because her work is so beautifully handmade, is Carine Gilson.

When you wear Carine Gilson on a daily basis, you know you've made it!

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LA

What is it about lingerie that
makes women feel so sexy?

For me, knowing you can indulge in something so beautiful that perhaps only you will know you are wearing... that indulgence makes me feel amazing.

Also, if you're serious about wearing a stylish wardrobe, why not have every detail just right?

I think lingerie generally makes women feel sexy because it accentuates what you want it to; it puts your breasts in just the right place, and a cute panty will frame your derriere just right.

Some people aren't comfortable with full nudity, so lingerie gives you the ability to show plenty of skin without feeling too vulnerable.

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LA

You had a gorgeous lingerie store
and have a beautiful house!
Any decorating tips for making
your home more sexy?

Thank you!

I think warm accessories like throw blankets, candles and pillows always add a sexy touch.

Also, I'm very into fresh flowers being in my home year-round.

It's little indulgences like that that make me feel good.

But if you ask anyone, it's the lighting in a home that makes a huge difference impacting the mood.

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LA

Tell us how you transitioned from lingerie
store owner to social media consultant.

Transitioning to social media consultant was just a natural transition from what I was already doing for my former business.

I found that my favorite part of owning a boutique was the creative end which involved Instagram photography and connecting with other talented people on social media.

Once I sold my business, I continued doing social media for the new owner as a month-to-month paid consultant, and that's when I realized I could do this for other people as well!

Many of my first clients were lingerie industry professionals who I knew through my boutique, and they were eager for me to expand word-of-mouth for their businesses just as I had for mine!

I'm so grateful owning my shop led me to where I am today.

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LA

Your instagram page is pretty amazing with photos
all over LA, how do you discover all those places?

Thank you! I crave discovering something new all of the time, and just enjoy exploring the city.

Through social media I discover so many places and events that are happening in the city, so that certainly helps.
I also follow a wonderful group of creative people who are always sharing places that inspire them.

But overall, I enjoy driving all over the place and familiarizing myself with all corners of LA.

I eat out a lot, which helps make the discovery process a lot easier too.

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LA

What's the sexiest place
you've taken photos of in LA?

Definitely the naughtiest place was my visit to Pleasure Chest and the Hustler store!

But honestly those places aren't very sexy to me, just sexual.

So probably the sexiest place I have gone to several times and photographed is the Hotel Bel-Air (I even got married there!).

There's also one restaurant I went to years ago and have yet to photograph that struck me as sexy, which is La Boheme on Santa Monica Boulevard.

@alisonrubke Social Media Interview | Naughty LA

You take photos for
Naughty LA's instagram page,
how is taking photos for my business
different from others you work with?

You are definitely the only client that prefers to share all of the sexy things that surround us in LA.

Many other clients want product shots or photographs that are the farthest thing from sexy or naughty!

Working with you is fun because it has really opened my eyes to all of the cheeky things that we are exposed to everyday.

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~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA