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Creative Chakra Spa


A stone's throw away from the gentle roar of the surf and sand, the Creative Chakra Spa in Marina Del Rey is one of the country's most top rated holistic spas and a longtime favorite retreat for celebrities and industry insiders.

The spa's original roots were born from a line of celebrated aromatherapy products created by Sandie West, whose growing interest in massage, yoga and personal training eventually blossomed into the opening of the Creative Chakra Spa.

Offering quiet solitude and peace, this hidden treasure by the sea is a fantastic oasis of healing with luxurious massages, wraps, scrubs and facials.

A private, infrared sauna, jacuzzi and baths are all yours for a blissful getaway at this oceanside shrine to tranquility.

Naughty LA Spa | Naughty LA

Couples Massage

The Creative Chakra Spa also caters especially to couples and offers some of the most romantic and magical couples packages found in Los Angeles.

There are many opportunities to share special moments with your partner and also find the private time and space for indulging in your naughtier sides.

Available in most couples packages are the options for a private jacuzzi bath, aromatherapy steam room or sauna experience for two where you can get as naughty as you would like.

There's also private, ozone hydro-therapy showers that couples can share. For an even more romantic touch, you and your partner should consider timing your spa retreat so that you can walk the short distance to the beach and take in a magnificent, ocean side sunset before or after your massage.

It's the perfect way to capture the deep energies of the natural, healing experience that await you.

Naughty LA Spa | Naughty LA

Indoor/outdoor Massages

Other luxurious amenities include indoor and outdoor massage and meditation venues, lounging areas, a yoga studio and a romantic garden perfect for soaking up the ocean breezes.

Organic treats and a tea bar are also on hand to help make the cycle of rejuvenation complete.

The Creative Chakra Spa's dedication to creativity, healing and spirituality create the ultimate environment and ambience for experiencing true and natural peace of mind and contentment for you and your partner.

The liberating journey into mind, body and spirit that this spa offers is a unique and sexy way to share those intimate moments of connection and sensuality with your lover in a blissed out, beach side, zen wonderland under the sunny, warm skies of California.

Don't forget that this can also be as naughty as you want it to be, so have a little mischievous fun while you and your partner are bathing in the subtle waves of light and love that the Chakra Spa so readily gives.



~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA