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Naughty Fitness Los Angeles

I've come up with lots of different fitness and dance classes in the Los Angeles area that are great not just for toning up your body, but also to help you to feel sexy.

Some people think exercise is boring, so they stay away from it, but you're missing out on so many other fun ways to get fit!

If you're able to find something you enjoy, you're more likely to stick with the program and achieve the ultimate sexy body, faster.

And the best thing is that, once you start seeing results, your confidence will shoot through the roof because you'll look and feel amazing, and that's the best motivation ever.

Belly Dancing Class

Belly Hip
122 W Garvey Av, Monterey Park
tel. 213.458.2592

You've probably been to one of those Middle Eastern restaurants where the entertainment includes a sexy belly dancer and thought "I wish I could do that."

Well now you can. Belly dancing is brilliant for toning up your body and is especially effective on your abs.

This studio offers small classes for up to 12 people, so you all get individual attention, and you don't need any experience at all.

It's only $10 a session, too, so it's an affordable way to test the water and see if you like it.

You'll get to try everything from Egyptian and Oriental belly dancing to special gyrations and some sexy, come-to-bed hip shakes.

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Salsa Class

3rd Street Dance
8558 W 3rd St, Downtown
tel. 310.275.4683

Learning to salsa is sexy, sassy and super-seductive, so if you're looking for a new way to tempt your lover and get fit at the same time, this is it.

This is a laid back, informal dance studio where you can just turn up on the night and get dancing.

You don't need a partner as they'll pair you up (a great way to meet guys, too!) and they specialize in beginner classes, even if you have two left feet.

Their motto is "Learn from a Pro...Dance like a star!" so there's no excuse not to sign up.

Their 'Salsa Blast' classes are a combination of salsa and cardio work, so you get two workouts for the price of one.

Hula Dance Class

Halau Hula a Kawika Laua o Leinani
968 N Diamond Bar Blvd, Oak Tree Center, Diamond Bar
tel. 909.396.4775

Hula dancing is another fantastic form of exercise which works every muscle in the body.

This studio offers intense, detailed hula courses in both modern and ancient hula dancing.

You'll learn how to perfect the hip gyrations, the classic 'hula shake' and also learn how to greet each other in Hawaiian.

You can be a complete novice because everything is taught from the very basics, up to the more advanced stages when you think you're ready.

Imagine your lover's face when you show him what you've learned with a personal sexy hula dance later on this summer.

You can do as few or as many classes as you like and even pay in advance for a block of classes so you have no excuse not to show up.

Acrobat Class

Cirque School
5640 1/2 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles
tel. 323.333.7067

Increasing in popularity all the time, 'circus schools' offer acrobatic workouts on the trapeze, contortion straps, aerial swings and just about any other piece of equipment it's possible to bend yourself over.

You'll need a certain degree of fitness to take part, but even if you're not an Olympic athlete this place offers you the chance to not only get fit in a unique and fun way.

Who knows what other tips and tricks you'll learn for spicing up things in the bedroom, too!

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga @ Metamorphosis
11638 Ventura Blvd, Studio City
tel. 123.456.7890

A combination of circus arts and yoga, this unique class offers different levels from beginner to advanced, so if you want something really different, get yourself here.

You'll learn how to master yoga poses while suspended in mid-air, which adds intensity to your workout.

Learning a different way to do yoga means you'll start becoming more adventurous elsewhere, and you get the added bonus of having a rock hard body to boot.

Their "Ascension" program is specifically designed to work the abs, thighs and bum in just 50 minutes.

Dirty Talk Aerobics Class

Dirty Talk @ The Choreography House
13131 Sherman Way, North Hollywood
tel. 818.854.0922

This is a 90-minute session naughty workout session which concentrates on arousing the senses using floor work and sexy, sensual movement.

It's about learning how to communicate your inner naughty thoughts through body language alone, without uttering a single word.

You don't need any experience and you get to work your body, learn some silent, sexy tricks and gain some valuable confidence to take with you back to the bedroom.

Pole Aerobics Class

Pole Aerobics @ Romance & Dance
22221 Avalon Blvd, Carson
tel. 562.225.2568

Welcoming women of all ages, shapes and size, the Pole Aerobics class mixes traditional pole dancing with some very effective but low impact aerobics moves.

The point is to tone up, lose weight and learn how to look, feel and act sexy at the same time.

Brilliant for those low on confidence, you'll get to improve upper body strength, core strength and even design your own 'stripper routine' which you can use in the bedroom later.

Check out their twerking classes, too, probably the only one in LA and fabulous for hardening those glutes!

Stripper Class

Stripper Workout @ S Factor
5225 Wilshire Blvd Suite B, Los Angeles
tel. 323.965.9685

As seen on Oprah and numerous other TV shows and magazines, S Factor is a popular alternative workout program which incorporates strip routines and a sassy stripper showtime attitude into their classes.

The idea is that by learning how to move in a sexy way, you'll also learn how to act in a sexy way.

They teach you everything from the sexiest way to sit and stand to how to work a pole.

You start at the 'Original Series' on Level 1 then graduate up to the more advanced classes as you get more confident.

The reason this is different is because the class concentrates on the whole package, from getting a fit body to achieving a sexy, confident mind, so if you're looking for the ultimate sexy workout this is the one.

Flashback Dance Class

Flashback Funk @ LA Dance Fit
10936 Santa Monica Blvd, Sawtelle
tel. 310.473.3530

Designed especially for those who have no dance experience, and even those who hate the gym.

This class is about gaining confidence and letting it all hang out as you lose yourself in some classic 80s and 90s tunes.

With the emphasis on fun as well as getting a good cardio workout, all you have to do is get in step with the music and get dancing.

Your teacher will share some basic moves to get the heart working but mainly it's up to you how you move.

As long as you're prepared to leave your judgment at the door and just go with the flow. Ideal for gym virgins.

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