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How to Find Dates in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

How to Find Dates in Los Angeles

If you're single, quit complaining about how you can't seem to meet someone because you're too busy working and you don't like meeting people at bars. Who ever said the only way to meet someone is at a bar? There are TONS of ways to meet someone, especially if you live in Los Angeles. Listed are plenty of dating sites out there to help you meet new people. Not everything has to be about romance, you might find that you meet some great people who become friends for life. Either way, you'll be putting yourself out there, which is essential if you're in the market for finding that special person or just someone to keep you warm at night. Check out these singles and dating clubs in the Los Angeles area, and find out what's around your own corner.

Three Day Rule

Quality and upmarket online dating site, that is very particular about its members, and has excellent screening and matching facilities. They're very much aimed towards young professionals, and their "dating pool" is high end and extremely well chosen. Three Day Rule are affiliated to several other partners, to enable its members to enjoy discounts from some well known entertainment and lifestyle brands. You'll be sent a daily list of compatible matches, and there are plenty of off-site activities and events hosted by the company, so you can mingle with like-minded singles in the real world, too. Sign-up for their newsletter so you can receive party invites as they host some of the best dating parties.

Stir Events by Match.com

Match.com is the world's biggest dating site, so it makes sense that they now offer localized singles events for your area. In LA, there are happy hours, cookery classes, wine tasting, dance lessons, bowling nights and even events for pet owners. The events are held several times a month, so keep an eye on their website as the events usually sell out fast.


Easily one of LA's most hip and happening singles networks, SingularCity is different in that they celebrate single people, instead of thinking they all have to be matched up. Some of us are very happy being single, and don't necessarily want to be married off or paired up faster than a pair of socks out of the laundry. We want to have fun, meet new people, especially hot guys, but we enjoy our independence, too. SingularCity offers a network of similar, unmarried people, who are happy being independent, but who want to meet new people and have a good time. You can create a profile page, write your own blog, keep an eye on SingularCity's numerous monthly events, RSVP online, and swap reviews afterwards. Great for expanding your social network, and enjoying some amazing times with no strings attached. Savvy singles only, need apply.


This is like a speed dating club, where you go along and are given six minutes to chat to various guys, then decide if you want to get to know them a little better. It's free to register and attend, and they have regular get-togethers, usually midweek, so it's nice and handy and won't clash with any weekend socials you might have planned. It's discreet, friendly, and a whole heap of fun, and it's containable, too, so there will only be around a dozen guys in attendance, ensuring everybody gets close attention. They also hold occasional lock and key events, too, where guys are given keys and have to match them with the various locks held by us girls. Great ice breaker.

Table For Six

This dating club has one of the largest databases of single professionals in California. The premise, is that you fill in their online profile, so they can match you with someone compatible. Then, you'll join five other singles for dinner - two more girls and three guys. All checks are kept separate, so there won't even be any arguing over who pays for what. This way, there's no one-on-one pressure, no awkwardness, no intimidating silences, and you get to meet five new friends of both sexes. You can get a whole lot more than a follow-up date using this concept, you'll expand your social circle, and be able to completely relax in the company of other, like-minded people. One of the best dating solutions out there. Be yourself.

Balboa Ski & Sports Club

If you love outdoor sports and want to meet someone who likes the same, you might want to check out this site. They run ski trips from LA out to Colorado, Utah, Montana, even to Europe. They also organize beach volleyball closer to home, tennis, scuba diving, running days, river rafting, you name it! All members are over 21, and comprise mainly professionals and entrepreneurs from the Orange County area. Skiing is the primary activity, and the club run regular excursions to Mammoth for long weekends. Regular meetings take place every other Tuesday, around 6.30pm.

SpeedLA Dating

One of LA's most famous, and trusted, dating sites, SpeedLA Dating was set up by a London girl in 2007, and has since gone on to big things, and is frequently featured on TV. They're a sophisticated bunch, who believe that the better you feel about yourself, the more attractive you'll be to the opposite sex. Girls get a free makeover when we attend SpeedLA Dating events, and they always lay on great snacks in stylish venues across Los Angeles. There are two core elements - speed dating and matchmaking. For speed dating, choose your event online, buy the tickets, then show up half an hour earlier, for your complimentary makeover. Then you'll be introduced to loads of hot guys (no name tags, don't worry...), and you don't have to move a muscle, as all the guys come to you. Your British host brings a touch of chicness to proceedings, so this is one of the more elegant speed dating events in LA. For the braver singles out there, there is the matchmaking, where the SpeedLA Dating team will have you fill out a comprehensive profile about yourself, plus what you're looking for in that perfect partner. They'll set up every element of your blind date, and they claim a very high match rate. Let someone else do the work, and let SpeedLA Dating find your perfect partner.

Super Single Mixers

This club is especially for those aged 40-60, and hosts a variety of events, from speed dating evenings, to Unlock Parties. You can go alone, or with friends, and the point is to expand your social circle, and perhaps find love while you'ng. If you're extrovert, or just like something a bit different, and would like to meet like-minded people, this is the club for you. Your hostess, ex-stand up comic, Rookie MacPherson, is a lively, energetic greeter who will ensure you'll have a night to remember.

Local Wine Events

For the more discerning single person, this is a food and wine club where anybody can submit an event or festival, and ask others to come along. It's not a singles club, as such, but if you love good wine, then it's the perfect site from which to search out events near you where you're likely to bump into other, single, wine lovers. It's global, so you might have to do a bit of searching before finding something in your area, but if you do meet someone sexy at one of these events, then you already know you have one thing in common.

Super Single Mixers

If you're a bit tired of all the usual dating sites and clubs on the LA scene, then these guys reckon they do things a bit differently. Dedicated to making their singles events lively and fun, you could find yourself taking part in anything from wine tastings and dining out, to hiking and art exhibitions. Their mission is to get everybody interacting - not just talking, but dancing, playing sport, anything that gets people socializing. They're serious about you being serious, hence the name, so once you join, you're committed to becoming one of the gang.

VIP Social Events

Cranking up the class are these guys, who specialize in organizing elite, VIP events for stylish LA singles. They always host their events in fun atmospheres, usually high end bars and restaurants, and members are usually young, enthusiastic professionals who just don't have the time to organize their own social diaries, so VIP Social Events does it for them. A favorite event, is their Unlock The Night events. Guys get a lock, girls get a key, and the girls have to go out and find their match. It's a great way of breaking the ice and getting talking to someone. All you have to do is sign up to their website, input your details, and let them organize and event around your own busy diary.

Lock And Key Events

These events are some of the most popular singles nights in LA. As with most lock and key date nights, the guys are given keys and have to go around to find the lock it fits, with you, the hot single girl, holding each lock. It's a really fun way to get talking to people and, usually mixed with a happy hour, a brilliant way of unwinding. They are large events, with up to 200 people attending each one, so you'll have plenty of guys to choose from. Each time you get unlocked, you'll be entered into a prize draw, so you could end up winning more than just a second date. There's no pressure, everybody's really friendly, and you can even go with some single girlfriends, to guarantee you all have something to talk about later. Join their emailing list to make sure you're the first to find out about events in your area.

Below are my dating programs for both men and women with further tips on dating.

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