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June - 2018
Naughty Movie Night
Date: 29-Jun-2018

Naughty Outdoor Movie Night


30 guests attended my outdoor movie night under the stars, where we watched "Secretary".

Guests could watch the movie either outside in the pool, fireside or inside by my fireplace.

There was a nacho, popcorn, s'mores, candy and hot station. The s'mores station was a big hit outside by the fire pit.

It didn't take long for guests to get naked and naughty in the pool! After the movie, everyone got even naughtier...have to attend to see what happens.

“Naughty “Naughty “Naughty “Naughty

Naughty 80s Roller Skating Party
Date: 23-Jun-2018

Naughty 80s Roller Skating Party


Naughty LA hosted it's 2nd Naughty Roller Skating Party in Los Angeles. 60 guests attended dressed in 80s attire.

Such a wonderful night, where guests were allowed to be topless while roller skating.

DJ played amazing 80s music and there was a sexy burlesque performer who performed to Warrant "Cherry Pie."

When not skating, guests could play retro video games from Miss Pac Man, mingle with other guests, grab a drink from the bar or food from the concession stand.

If you would like to attend Naughty LA events, make sure to click on the link above. Naughty LA hosts weekly events here in LA.

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Naughty Dinner Party
Date: 09-Jun-2018

Naughty Dinner Party - 5 Senses


Saturday's dinner party was one of the best yet!!! Lots of new sexy couples attended and some very handsome single guys!

All the men came dressed up in tux's or suits...and the women came dressed in their sexiest dress, lingerie or barely there outfit.

Once guests arrived, they received a glass of champagne from one of the sexy girls wearing lingerie, then everyone mingled for an hour before dinner.

Guests took their seats while American Idol Contestant Joey Cook sang...it was like being in a very sexy, seductive jazz lounge.

Throughout dinner guests used their 5 senses with each meal. First course, guests where given a bottle that read "Drink Me" to get the party started. It was fresh fruit blended with vodka...very tasty.

For the 2nd course, guests were given Naughty Cards with a different sense on each one for them to do during the night...from getting naked, mooning the table, whispering something sexy into your lovers ear, to massaging someone and more!

For the 3rd course, guests were given bubbles that read "Blow Me." These were really neat as all the guests started to blow bubbles at once.

For the 4th course, guests were given eye masks to wear while they ate their dessert along with sipping on dessert wine. This really helped to heighten their taste sense to enjoy their dessert more...and each other.

In between each meal, there was an amazing burlesque performance. Each girl was extremely sexy and intoxicating to watch.

After dinner, guests either went to the pool area, bedroom or upstairs to the "secret" room where everyone got naughty in one way or another.

All I remember is that there were about 15 naked bodies on my bed...all having an amazing time!

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