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Topless in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Topless in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the world's sexiest playgrounds, so it's only right that this is the place to come to enjoy something adventurous, exciting and naughty, off the beaten track.

The City of Angels loves to show off, especially when it comes to exhibiting what nature gave us, but it can still be difficult to find niche venues where you can indulge your natural, erotic side.

For instance, going topless used to be a way of life here, particularly around Venice Beach, and nothing feels more relaxing than the sea breeze washing over bare skin.

But these days you have to know where to go to have fun with like-minded people who like to strip off as much as you do.

So whether you're a resident, or just visiting, here's my guide to the hottest (and coolest) places, services and events to pencil into your topless diary.

Topless Hotel in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Topless Hotel

Petit Ermitage

This sumptuous boutique hotel in West Hollywood is the epitome of erotic, European-style indulgence.

Walking into here is like stepping into a tranquil oasis, and you wouldn't know you were right in the middle of one the world's busiest cities.

Everything from the French salon-style lounge and cozy, fur-strewn firedeck to the candelit garden and canopied cabanas, screams seduction.

There's a rooftop pool with superb 360-degree views across the famous Hollywood Hills and, best of all, it's so private, you can wander around topless and leave the confines of society at the door.

Rooms range from Demi and Junior Suites to the luxurious Masters Quarters, and everything in them is high end and senuous, including the hand-crafted Venetian walls.

You have to book a room or one of the day packages in order to enjoy the facilities here (you can't just wander in) but that's why it's so great - all guests are registered so you know it's safe and discerning.

Rent a space to have a topless pool party with friends, or treat yourself to one of their naughty room packages, where you get complimentary toys from one of LA's most famous sex stores - The Pleasure Chest.

Topless Maids in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Topless Maids

LA wouldn't be LA without a bit of risque naughtiness and there's nothing to stop you indulging your topless tastes in the comfort of your own home.

Try hiring your own topless maid to clean your apartment, so housework becomes less of a chore and more of an entertainment!

They're not just a gimmick, they really do clean!

Plus, I like to hire these girls to bartend and serve at my parties - they're great fun and know just how to get a party started.

Having topless waitresses wander around serving canapes and drinks is definitely a talking point and a real ice breaker for guests who might not know each other.

Try Hot Topless Maids, where you can browse their online gallery to select the perfect topless maid for whatever event you've got planned.

You could also check out A Little Bit Dirty, who offer bespoke cleaning and entertainment packages tailored for your needs.

For instance, some maids will perform a striptease as well as serve food or clean your house. Choose from hourly or flat fee rates.

Topless Venice Beach in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Topless Venice Beach

Venice Beach used to be one of the topless capitals of the country, it's where you'd find all LA's beautiful people topping up their tans and, in fact, you could even sunbathe nude here until a few decades ago, but times have changed.

Nevertheless, there are indications that topless sunbathing, at least, might be making a legal comeback.

Pressure is mounting on Venice Neighborhood Council to pass a motion to allow women to sunbathe topless, just as men obviously already can.

It's a question of equality, rather than permissiveness, so if you love to enjoy the sunshine and surf as nature intended, keep your eyes on Venice news for developments.

Topless Parties in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Topless Parties

I always think that, if there isn't an event or occasion to meet your needs, then you should create your own.

I've been running weekly topless parties for years as part of my Naughty Guide to Los Angeles travel guide, and they're always very popular.

Themes include Topless 70s Skating, Topless 50s Drive-in Theater, Topless Boat Party and Topless Dinner Party, and the vibe can range from quite tame and sophisticated to the downright naughty.

Some of my parties are held fully nude, it just depends on what people want, so I try and cater to everybody.

Women feel safe at all of my events because I have strict rules about who attends, so if you're exploring your naughty side for the first time, my parties make the ideal first base.

I don't just do topless parties, either, I do all kinds, from BDSM and burlesque to pool parties and dancing.

I can't always attend the parties I organize (I do announce this when I can't go,) but that shouldn't stop you from attending.

I get tons of positive feedback from people who say my parties are the perfect playground for making new friends and expanding their naughty horizons, so sign up for one today!

For more information on how to attend one of my parties, just go to Meetup and check the dates of the next ones.

Topless Bike Ride in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Topless Bike Ride

This is actually a nude bike ride, but you can cover up down below if you prefer.

The World Naked Bike Ride event is in June and it's free to attend.

As well as the opportunity to cycle around naked or topless, there's also tons of entertainment such as body-painting and other festivities.

It feels awesome to feel the wind on your bare skin as you cycle through Downtown LA! Express yourself in a very unique way, and get fit, too!

International Go Topless Day in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

International Go Topless Day

It's an organized rally, encouraging women to go topless just the same as men always can.

In theory, IGT Day wants women to go topless wherever they are, but it might be safer to stick to Venice Beach, where this rally will be taking place.

It'll be properly policed and the atmosphere is bound to be more carnival-like.

Visit their website to learn when the next date is, as you're not going to want to miss it!

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