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• Casa Del Mar – The Threesome
Casa Del Mar – The Threesome | Naughty LA

Casa Del Mar – The Threesome

True Story Written By: Sienna Sinclaire

I was hanging out with my Scottish stud, Stewart, and one of the things we liked to do most, apart from fucking, was talking about our fantasies.

I knew that Stewart had never had a threesome before, but he was aching to try it out, so one night I decided to make his wish come true.

I knew just the kind of girl he wanted - dark hair, slutty, with huge tits (he was definitely a boob man...), and a hot, pert little body, just like mine.

Brunettes made me wet, too, so I knew it wouldn't take us long to find the perfect playmate. We spent some time checking out L.A.'s escort websites, knowing that sex would be all part of the service.

To fulfill Stewart's ultimate fantasy, this babe had to have it all, not just for him, but for me, too. After emailing plenty of gorgeous girls, we settled on Bianca.

She had beautiful, silky brown hair, a smokin' hot body and, most importantly, an enormous rack of perfect, simulated symmetry.

Eager to get things moving, we arranged to meet Bianca for cocktails at the Casa del Mar on Santa Monica beach, an exclusive, high-end hotel that's great for getting you in the mood for seduction.

After checking in, Stewart and I headed to the room to get ready.

There's always been something about a luxury hotel that puts me in a naughty mood, and I couldn't wait to pull on my sexy little black dress and killer heels, keen to show Stewart just what kind of night I had planned for him.

On seeing me, he said it was easily the hottest I'd ever looked, but the guy was heading for a threesome, what else was he gonna say!

Down in the bar, Bianca was running late, so we ordered a couple of cocktails.

The bar was busy and full of beautiful people, and was definitely putting us in mind for some fun later on.

The best thing about the Casa del Mar, is that no-one listens to your conversations, you can be anyone from anywhere...and anything goes.

As we waited for Bianca, I asked Stewart to tell me exactly what he wanted to do to her. This was his fantasy, and I wanted to know every little detail going on in his dirty mind.

He didn't hold back and, as he described every way he was going to make us both cum, I could feel myself growing wet already under my dress.

Casa Del Mar – The Threesome | Naughty LA

When Bianca arrived, neither of us were disappointed.

She was even hotter than her pictures, stalking through the bar towards us in a very tight, black cocktail dress that showed every inch of her hard, little body.

Her ass was nice and tight, and her waist tiny, but it was her chest that took center stage, her dress pulled down nice and low so we could see the whole package right there.

That rack was so full and peachy, the whole bar turned to admire it, as she slid into a chair next to us.

We ordered a few more drinks, to bring the mood down real low and easy, and I knew right away that Bianca was going to deliver exactly what we wanted, and maybe much, much more.

 Feeling the temperature rising, I reached over and put my hand between Stewart's legs.

Just as I'd expected, his cock was already hard, struggling to stay inside his pants.

I looked at him and smiled, then, with no words needed, the three of us stood up and headed for the lobby.

Entering the hotel room, I excused myself to the bathroom, leaving Stewart and Bianca to get more acquainted.

Looking at myself in the mirror as I undressed, I could feel my pussy already throbbing, and I couldn't help but touch myself, as I'd been dying to do for hours.

Now that Bianca was here, the real fun could begin.

Naked, I went back into the room, and found Bianca undressed too, standing over Stewart, who was feasting on her huge breasts.

Casa Del Mar – The Threesome | Naughty LA

Noticing my entrance, he glanced up and looked me up and down in surprise with a smile on his face as he noticed I was naked.

I walked over to them and put a seductive arm around Bianca, then started kissing Stewart, passionately.

I felt his hand begin to stroke up and down my back, then Bianca began to undress him.

Removing his pants, Stewart's aching cock sprang up towards her, and she knelt down and took him in her mouth, eagerly.

I loved the way she seemed surprised by his size, something I was already familiar with, of course, and as she licked and sucked on him, I touched my pussy again, the sight of her hot, red mouth working his shaft, really got my juices flowing.

Stewart began to moan with satisfaction as he hungrily kissed me back, his other hand stroking Bianca's hair as she worked him.

His eyes were half-closed, in a kind of dreamy ecstasy, and I knew just the thing to keep that dream going.

I pulled Stewart's legs further apart and knelt down next to Bianca.

Sensing my presence, she pulled her mouth off his cock and kissed me, greedily, then offered his cock to me, which I took in my hand, and then in my mouth.

Underneath, Bianca began licking at the base of his shaft, then took his balls in her mouth, while I stayed on his head, teasing his tip with my tongue.

Bianca and I were a perfect team, sharing his cock between us while Stewart enjoyed the ride.

After a while, keen to turn the heat up a gear, I stood up and pulled Stewart to the bed, then I laid down, my legs spread wide, beckoning to Bianca, who immediately got up on the bed in front of me and dived down to my pussy.

Her greedy mouth found my slit immediately and I cradled her head in my hands as she began eating me out, her tongue flicking in and out of my cunt, then up to my clit, teasing it just enough to make me catch my breath.

Unable to contain himself, Stewart ripped open a condom and positioned his cock over Bianca's ass, which was pointing upwards, invitingly, towards him.

Grabbing her hips, he rubbed his fingers over her cunt, then plunged himself inside her.

“Fuck!” she cried out, unable to breathe for a moment.

Casa Del Mar – The Threesome | Naughty LA

She lifted her head and stared at me, eyes wide in wonder, and I smiled back at her.

I knew exactly how big that cock felt inside her cunt, but her surprise soon turned to satisfaction, as Stewart began pumping her like a trip hammer, and Bianca struggled to focus on my pussy.

Seeing them having so much fun was enough to keep me excited, and I slid off the bed as Stewart pulled his cock out of Bianca, then lay on the bed, and told her to get on top of him, which she did, eagerly.

She couldn't wait to feel that red hot dick inside her again, and she jumped astride him and threw her head back as she felt Stewart's cock fill her up.

She began to writhe uncontrollably, her huge tits bouncing up and down in Stewart's face, his mouth frantically trying to catch them, hungry for a good, hard suck.

Unable to take my eyes off them both, I lie down next to them, spread my legs, and began stroking my pussy. I always got turned on, watching other people fuck, and this was no exception.

Bianca was a beautiful little slut, and seeing her get so carried away riding on Stewart's massive cock, was so teasing.

I pushed my fingers into my cunt as I watched Stewart sucking on Bianca's breasts, her ass thrusting up and down on his shaft like it was the last fuck she was ever going to know.

Stewart saw me watching them, as I played with my clit, already sore and soaking wet.

Needing to join in, I walked over the bed and crouched down behind them both. Bianca was still riding him hard, faster and faster, oblivious to anything else.

I slid underneath them and my mouth soon found Stewart's balls, tight and full, and I took them in my mouth, sucking and licking to my heart's content.

Above me, I could hear Stewart groaning in a way I'd never heard before, and I knew we were giving him the time of his life.

As I sucked his delicious balls, I couldn't take my eyes off his purple shaft, plunging in and out of Bianca's stretched little pussy, just inches from my face.

It was so hot, watching his cock go to work on her that I began sucking harder and harder, trying to keep up with them.

I could see Bianca's boobs smacking against Stewart's face as she rode him, his tongue lapping up the taste of those gorgeous tits every time they hit him.

Moving away for a second, Stewart decided to flip Bianca over and go in on her from on top.

I knew how impatient Stewart was, needing to try a different position every few minutes, it was one of the reasons he was so goddamn fit.

He pushed her legs wide open and thrust deep inside her, as far as he could go. I walked around the bed, fingering myself hungrily, as I watched Stewart pound Bianca's brains out, her breaths coming short and fast as her cunt took a real hammering.

Knowing my pussy needed its own workout, I went to the front of the bed and hopped on, straddling Bianca's face and lowering my hot, wet pussy onto her face, my ass to Stewart.

Casa Del Mar – The Threesome | Naughty LA

I let her tongue work its magic again, as she readily licked me out, sucking furiously on my slit and I could feel my orgasm starting to build, but I'm good at self-control, and managed to stop myself cumming, just as Stewart tore off his condom and slid me off Bianca's face, down towards his glistening cock, huge and purple, angry almost.

On all fours, I hovered over Bianca's tight, sweating body, my tongue already inside her mouth, searching, exploring, as our teeth playfully nipped at each other, just as I felt Stewart's cock stroking the opening of my pussy, where he paused for a second, before plunging himself inside me, forcing me to gasp for breath.

Bianca pulled my mouth to her breasts, her nipples hard and erect, and I closed my lips around them, as Stewart started really going to town on me, his steel cock feeling so massive, there just didn't seem room for anything else.

I was well used to how big he was, but at that moment, it felt like there was two of him, drilling me to distraction.

It felt so good, so hot, that enormous dick fucking my cunt like it had never been fucked before, I couldn't get enough of it and never wanted it to stop.

Hanging over Bianca, I felt her tongue flicking over my stomach, then she took one my tits almost whole in her hot, wet mouth, and I decided to just lose myself in the moment, as Bianca stroked and sucked my breasts and Stewart rammed me from behind.

As Stewart continued to fuck me, Bianca got onto her knees in front of me, her moist pussy just inches away.

I glanced up at her and licked my lips, hungrily, before burying my mouth in her cunt and lapping up her juices, feverishly sucking on her slit as Stewart's cock threatened to fill me up completely.

My tongue found her crack and I loved how she tasted, sweet and on fire. I lifted my hand and pushed a finger inside her, then two, and she moaned with pleasure as I began finger- fucking her, faster and faster, and I was surprised just how tight she felt, the tightest pussy I'd ever known.

Every time I pushed into her, her cunt didn't seem to want to let me go, sucking me in like a vacuum.

I suddenly realized how much Stewart must have enjoyed fucking such a tight little pussy as this, as I was, thrusting my fingers in and out of her, her juices already dripping down the inside of her thighs, and I leaned in to lick them up, my tongue meeting my fingers as I felt her legs begin to wobble slightly.

I glanced behind me, Stewart still riding me like a stallion, my pussy deliciously sore and begging for release.

I stared at him as I licked Bianca's juices from my lips, and his eyes shone like wild beacons, his thrusts increasing as he saw Bianca's cunt, dripping with honey.

“Fuck, yeah...” he panted, as I turned back to Bianca and sucked up the rest of her.

When I was done with Bianca, I slid off Stewart's still-hard cock and fell back onto the bed, opening my legs nice and wide.

I told Bianca I wanted her to taste Stewart's cock on my pussy, so she happily knelt between my legs and began eating me out.

I guided her head with my hands, making sure her tongue hit me in all the right places, as Stewart stood in front of us, masturbating furiously.

I knew he loved what he saw as he always wanted to see a hot girl eat my pussy and now his fantasy was finally becoming a reality.

Breathless and working his hands up and down his shaft, I knew what Stewart really wanted to do.

Without needing to be told, Stewart knelt up on the bed and grabbed Bianca's hips, as she continued to eat me out.

His cock seemed to have a life of its own, and he struggled to control it as it leaped about, slapping itself against Bianca's ass.

She groaned slightly as she felt the tip of his cock seek out her cunt, her tongue still exploring my pussy, pushing itself up inside me.

I reached out behind me, clawing at the bed head, as Bianca sucked hard on my clit, then she moaned loud and long, as Stewart thrust his cock high up into her cunt.

Her fingers gripped my thighs hard, as Stewart began hammering away at her, murmuring to himself, trying to control the orgasm I knew was fast approaching.

Casa Del Mar – The Threesome | Naughty LA

I gripped Bianca's head hard between my legs, pushing her mouth further and further into my pussy, as Stewart's thrusting grew more urgent, more intense, and I knew that, at any moment, he was going to explode.

Sure enough, just as Bianca had her mouth on my clit, the whole bed shuddered as Stewart pulled his cock out of her pussy and came all over her ass.

His body spasmed once, then twice, as he squeezed every last bit of come onto her sweet little ass.

Afterwards, we had a good laugh with Bianca while she fixed herself up, then we said our goodbyes and Stewart and I fell back to sleep.

Being way more tired than me, Stewart slept soundly all night, but I was awake early, eager to catch some one-on-one action with my Scottish stud before we had to check out.

I didn't bother to wake him, I didn't need to. I knew exactly what I wanted from him and how to get it.

I'd been awake for a while, horny as usual, and normally I'd play with myself to get the day off to a good start, but this time I had someone to do that for me, even if he didn't know it.

I knew Stewart was always hard, morning, noon and night, and today was no exception.

Feeling under the covers, I closed my fingers around his massive erection, being careful not to wake him, and used his shaft to maneuver my body on top of him.

I'm petite, so my weight wasn't enough to wake him, and I loved just looking down at him as I gently lowered my pussy onto his cock and began to ride him, silently.

I was happy to take my time, pushing my breasts up to the ceiling as I looked out to the ocean, rocking back and forth on his huge dick.

I could feel him right up in my stomach, and I timed my ride perfectly, knowing exactly when to speed up enough to wake him, just when I needed to cum.

As my tempo increased, Stewart opened his eyes, just as my pussy started burning on fire.

With no need to be careful anymore, I began bouncing up and down, slamming my cunt against his balls, his hands on my tits, squeezing me, controlling me.

I leaned down to kiss him, hard, as I felt my blood rise and my legs begin to buckle. I pulled his hands off my breasts and pushed his arms back down to the bed, pinning him down as I rode him, his rock hard rod ramming my insides.

It was like every inch of me was electrified, as the events of the night before flashed through my head. Bianca's cunt in my face, Stewart's cock fucking her hard, my tongue licking and sucking his balls and Bianca's hot, wet pussy......and just as the sun finally pierced the window, I felt myself cumming...cumming hard.

I pushed my fingers into Stewart's mouth and he sucked them, greedily, as I surrendered to the power of my orgasm, and let nature take over, like I was flying.



~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA