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Naughty LA Souvenirs

Naughty Los Angeles Souvenirs | Naughty LA

Naughty Los Angeles Souvenirs

I've traveled all over the world and enjoyed life in some very exotic places, but I still believe that LA is one of the naughtiest places on earth. I love the cosmopolitan culture and the heady air of sin that hangs over the city like a sensual cloud of sex. From the beautiful bars and sultry nightspots, to the romance of the beaches and mountains, I love showing people around the naughty sights and sounds of LA. Not just that, but I get a kick out of letting people know just how naughty a girl can be in Los Angeles. Why hide your playful nature? So whether you're Naughty like me, or you're just visiting the heavenly City of Angels, check out these cheeky souvenirs to remind you (and everyone around you) what really lies beneath the innocent smile.

Naughty Girl Tank Top | Naughty LA

LA Naughty Girl Tank Top

LA is a hot city, literally, so what better way to stay cool than with this simple, chic cotton tank top in white and red. It's understated, and encourages guys to take a closer look, so what's not to like? I like the fact it's semi-fitted, so it shows off all my curves. Teamed with a sexy pair of denim hot pants, you're guaranteed to turn heads as you stroll along Santa Monica Pier.

Naughty Girl Thong | Naughty LA

LA Naughty Girl Thong

There's no sexier piece of clothing than a thong, so every Naughty Girl should have one of these in their lingerie drawer. These are made by American Apparel, so you know they're good quality, and I always get a great reaction from guys when they see what I'm wearing underneath my clothes - it reveals my naughty nature without me saying a word! Goes great with an LA tan.

Naughty Girl Reusable Shopping Bag | Naughty LA

LA Naughty Girl Reusable Shopping Bag

Every Naughty Girl should be ready to flirt, whatever the situation. Even when you're grocery shopping, you never know who you're going to run into. So if you find yourself standing next to a hot guy as you're checking out the watermelons, this cheeky shopping bag is the perfect ice breaker. I've lost count of the number of men who have followed me around a store when they've seen my bag, and used it as an excuse to start a conversation. I never leave home without it!

Naughty Girl Luggage Tag | Naughty LA

LA Naughty Girl Luggage Tag

I travel a lot, so a stand-out luggage tag is a must when I'm waiting by the carousel waiting for my bags. This LA Naughty Girl Luggage Tag is a humorous way of marking your bags and it's guaranteed to raise a smile, from the check-in staff and baggage handlers to the customs guys at the other end - I love the looks on their faces when they see it! I use one on my hand luggage, too, in case there are any cute guys on the plane - it's an effective way of getting attention without being too obvious.

Naughty Girl Tumbler | Naughty LA

LA Naughty Girl Tumbler

For smoothies, coffee, water or whatever your favorite drink on the go, this take-out tumbler makes a great statement when you're out and about. I take mine on picnics in the park, or riding the bus or subway, and it lets people know that there's a very naughty girl lurking behind the pretty face. When I take it to the gym, I always get guys coming up to me to ask how naughty I really am. A great conversation starter.

Naughty Girl Journal | Naughty LA

LA Naughty Girl Journal

Because I travel, I like to record my thoughts and experiences in a journal, preferably while I'm sat in a cafe, people-watching and enjoying the vibe of whatever far-flung destination I happen to be visiting. This journal is big and bright and easy to spot, so it's not uncommon for people to start talking to me as I write, and I've met so many interesting guys this way - more stories to put into my journal!

Naughty Girl Bumper Sticker | Naughty LA

LA Naughty Girl Bumper Sticker

The ultimate cheeky souvenir that you can show off every time you go out, this bumper sticker is guaranteed to get other drivers honking their horns as they go past. In rush hour, too, there's some great flirting to be had as you're sat in traffic next to some cute guy who's seen what's on your rear end! It's playful and fun, like a badge of honor as you go driving around town.

~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA

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